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Muses Arkhe

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Introducing the Muses Arkhe male masturbator toys from TOMAX, a high-quality, thick, natural feeling masturbator.

Made in Japan.


Muses is the 4th original series of masturbators from TOMAX. Long in development, it is finally available for sale to our customers. It joins the Succubus, Venus, and Lilith series of toys. The Muses are nice and thick like the classic Venus series, but features an all new design based off actual anatomical research with a range of inner textures.

Just like all TOMAX masturbators, the Muses are made in Japan with the highest standards. They are phthalate and latex free, using the highest quality food and medical grade materials. Includes a packet of lube.



The Arkhe is the natural flavor of the Muses series. It has a nice thick body with a nice, narrow tunnel. It features a subtle, organic, natural feeling ribbed texture like the Lilith Uterus or Venus Real which gives a nice, mild stimulation. Along the top are 2 larger lumps for some extra stimulation on the head of your penis. At the end is a uterus, but this time with a new, fresher take which we’ll explain below.



This uterus is based off real anatomical research. It has a bulbous entrance that you can feel bump against you. It is angled upwards, so isn’t an area you’d always penetrate, but offers an extra surprise while fucking it, with a very distinct popping feeling of penetration. Inside the uterus is more organic ribbing. As you reach climax you can aim and shoot your load right into the uterus. The hardness of the material greatly effects how noticeable the uterus is, with Hard being the most noticeable, and Soft offering the best balance.


Because of the unique design, please make sure to remove all lube and miscellaneous liquids from inside the uterus when not in use. This should be done by reaching all the way in and gently scrubbing with your finger while washing. When drying make sure to completely dry the inside as it is easy for liquids to be trapped inside.



We measure it being about 6.5” in length and about 3.7” at its widest point.

It weighs 1lb 7oz on our scale.


The front features a very anatomically accurate representation of the vagina entrance, with nice flappy lips and clit, to even tiny details of a urethral and anal hole. No detail was spared when designing the Muses masturbators. (The urethral and anal holes are not penetrable and are for looks only) 


It comes in 5 different firmness choices: Soft, Regular, Hard, Very Soft, and the even softer Rich Soft.

Soft is about as soft as Meiki masturbators with a light pink color. It offers slightly less stimulation than Regular and a more enveloping feel.
Regular is about the same firmness as the Fleshlight, and is our best-selling material. It offers a good amount of stimulation and has a light purple hue.
Hard is similar to the firmness of Safe Skin from Toy's Heart and offers maximum stimulation. It comes in bright peach.
Very Soft is one of softest materials on the market. It is a very light peach, almost white color. Because of the softness, we do not recommend it for first time buyers. It was developed due to numerous requests from customers who love soft masturbators. Because of the softness, durability is slightly lower than that of the firmer materials.
Rich Soft is the newest addition to the TOMAX range and reaches even greater levels of softness than Very Soft. It offers a richer enveloped feel, with every bit of texture clinging to you. When considering its softness it is fairly durable, but it does have noticeably less elasticity and durability compared to the other materials. Comes in a more neutral, less bright peach color.


It is recommended to wash all masturbators inside and out before its first use. Please conduct proper maintenance after every use. Wash it inside and out with a mild soap and make sure it is completely dry. Before storing apply some baby powder or cornstarch when dry.

Use only water based lubricants and avoid any oil or silicone based lubricants.

When warming up your masturbator, do not exceed temperatures of 50 degrees F.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Natural feel 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2017

    I bought the Rich Soft version. That's the softest one you can get, and I love the way it feels. It is very important to use it with a proper lubricant. Thin or light lubricant works the best with this type of inner texture, at least that's how I feel. With thick lubricant such as anal lubricant, you can't slide easily. You must be able to slide smoothly. It actually comes with a small lubricant, and that works perfectly. As you can see in the pictures, this masturbator does not have much texture on the surface of its tunnel such as ribs or bumps. You are supposed to build sensation as you thrust on the almost flat tunnel texture. It is difficult to explain how you can feel good by thrusting on something flat, but somehow you feel good with this masturbator. Probably from the pressure you get from the thick wall. Penetrating inside the uterus isn't easy especially when you have a large penis head. You just have to keep pressing it into your penis, and eventually you go in. I really don't care for the feel of the uterus. I rather like letting the entrance of the uterus hitting a head of my penis head. Don't forget to warm it up because it is cold.

  2. Great if you like the concept, but could have more feel to it. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2016

    Let's get the most important part of the way, well out of the way: Don't get this in anything softer than Soft. In fact, I wouldn't get this softer than Regular. And, personally, I would have gotten this in Hard if I had known how important the structure is to the experience.

    Let's be clear: If you want a soft masturbator, there's no point in going for a design as unique as this, because you won't feel it. Either I have an exceptionally insensitive dick or there's a clear connection between the importance of structure and the importance of softness.

    For some, it might seem redundant to say, If you care about the structure more than the softness, go with harder firmness. If softness is more important, you're better off with something like the Lilith Uterus, or something of that sort, with a design more designed for suction to begin with.

    The said, I got this in Regular firmness. I wish I had gotten it in Hard. Regular is awesome, don't get me wrong, but because the structure of this toy is so core to its design, you just won't feel it properly if you go for anything softer than that.

    It's of course a personal thing, but I wouldn't recommend going softer than Regular in this. Soft, maybe, if you're exceptionally sensitive. But that's just because it seems a lot of people enjoy soft. Alright, fine, but know that that inherently makes the design less noticeable.

    And the whole thing with the cervix and uterus is really the point of this design. Now, unless you've seen a few too many hentai doujins and simply haven't scored yet, you know that penetrating the cervix in real-life is not a good thing. Very much the opposite, it's painful for the girl and not particularly pleasurable for the man.

    But there's a good chance you don't care. I certainly don't. It's a fantasy, so, whatever. That's why they make onaholes with an emphasis around monster girls and the like, even some with My Little Pony or something similar in mind. Look, it's your onahole, to each his own on that one, if anything at all. But if the design is important to you, you really want to go with harder firmness.

    OK, let's so just review the Regular firmness. First, it's not firm enough. You can certainly feel the cervix when you hit it, but it's very easy to penetrate and feel a bit soft. I saw that one reviewer said he felt irritated with Regular firmness when he penetrated the cervix, but I didn't have that experience, even when I did. I was more interested in *bumping* the cervix, not penetrating it, and preferably shooting my load through it.

    It's a good idea, but it's not entirely realized. You can't really fulfill that fantasy because you can't feel the cervix. It's just not a tight enough design, and it's very easy to penetrate the cervix. Naturally, your experience may be different, but I didn't really get that.

    This all sounds a bit negative, but in reality, it's still a *really* good masturbator. It's heavier than the Lilith, but not as annoyingly heavy as Venus. Lilith is much more conducive to softer firmness, but this one is practically useless without a stronger firmness. It took a few tries, but I've started to warm up to it a bit more.

    This is also one of the first masturbators I've ever experienced with a learning curve. See how there are basically three tunnels, with one being the cervix opening? That's a bit of a problem, because you can easily miss the cervix and go down the wrong tunnel, especially in softer firmness.

    But while it's not perfect, it *does* give you some level of that fantasy. That is, of exploding through the cervix into the uterus. The two other tunnels, I'm really not sure about, and I wish they'd have been left out. I'm not really sure what they're even supposed to be for. But the concept is executed with some competence, and really, in the end, it's still TOMAX. TOMAX is top-end, you don't do any better than TOMAX.

    If the concept interests you, go for it, but I think it would be wise to lean toward stronger firmness, even if you usually prefer another one. The two smaller tunnels are more of a nuisance than anything else and can get in the way of even reaching the cervix, but it's not a deal-breaker. There's some room for improvement, but it's still pretty good. I probably wouldn't replace my Lilith Uterus with it (unless, you know, I already did), but it's got its perks. And for an introduction to TOMAX, I don't think you could do better, assuming the concept appeals to you in the first place. Honestly, you can't beat TOMAX material, anyway.

  3. Good quality 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2016

    I bought this toy in hard firmness. ( I have a Succubus Dots in hard firmness and loving it.) For me, the hard firmness works the best because I like stronger stimulation and can feel all the texture inside the hole. I have tried a Very Soft firmness before and could not feel the texture inside the hole. But Hard firmness is not like rock hard, it's still nice and soft. The Arhke is a quality sleeve, just like other toys made by tomax. But because I like stronger stimulation, Arhke's texture inside the hole provides less stimulation than I prefer. But I like the uterus structure. I believe you must have a smaller dick head to go in and out of the uterus section easily. For me, in and out there is no problem due to my small head haha, and I like the uterus section very much. So I give 4 stars. Hope this review helps.

  4. go with soft firmness then regular firmness 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2016

    great quality but takes too much effort to get into the uterus. because of the regular firmness, my head pops in an out and hurts a little. not a soft feeling. i have a lilith masturbator in soft firmness and it feel way better and tickles my member very well.
    also because of the angle you have use another hand to bend it so it pops in. idk i think if i went with soft firmness i would have enjoyed it.

  5. Bliss 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Aug 2016

    The moment you insert your thing into the uterus, you know it's the best $49 ever spent in your life.

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