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It’s part love doll, part pillow, and part plushy. This is TOMAX’s Nui Doll, a soft and huggable love doll to use with your favorite masturbator toy. Many modify their blow-up dolls by stuffing them to keep from the hassle of having to repair holes and tears. You don’t need to perform blow up doll surgery with Nui Doll’s convenient zipper. Also unlike vinyl or plastic blow up dolls, the Nui Doll is soft and pleasant to touch right out of the box without any accessories or modifications. It does not include any filling, keeping not only the cost low, but also keeps the shipping size, small. This also allows you to stuff it with any stuffing you prefer, be it cotton, polyester, beans, or your old gym pants! Included is a masturbator wrap to securely hold a masturbator inside of the masturbator hole.


Nui Doll is made with 100% nylon which is not only soft and smooth to touch, but is also quite stretchy and durable. It is machine-washable and ironable. Physical features include a full-sized torso, neck, full arms, thighs, and of course, a big pair of tits. On the back, you’ll find the zipper to open it up and stuff it. When stuffing, we recommend stuffing the thighs first, then the arms. For the tits, the inside has little pockets to hold stuffing. Make sure to stuff the tits before stuffing the torso completely. When using a washing machine, it is recommended to place it in a laundry net and run on the gentle cycle. When ironing, set the iron to low. Nylon is sensitive to heat so please be careful when using irons or dryers.


Nui Doll requires about 35oz / 1000g of polyester filling. You can however use more, or less if the shape or feel is not quite what you want. You can find polyester filling, sometimes called poly-fil, at most places that sell arts & crafts supplies. 


The Nui Doll has a large and convenient zippered hole along the back for an easy reach into the different sections. Because of the soft and stretchy nature of the material, the shape of the Nui Doll is dependent on how you stuff it. It’s best to stuff it slowly with large handfuls of fill, make sure you don’t compress the fill too tightly or move it around too much as it can create unwanted clumps. Clumps can be softened with a little bit of fluffing and massaging, but we found this won’t get rid of all clumps. You may need to stuff it multiple times and experiment with stuffing materials to get it exactly how you like it, or you can just stuff it quickly and have something ready to use. The process can take as little as half an hour to approximately 2 hours. 


Fully stuffed, Nui Doll will have a very exaggerated hourglass figure, with huge tits, skinny waist, and large hips. You can also dress it in real clothing! The fit of clothing can vary depending on how you stuff it. It is soft so it can be squeezed a bit to fit certain clothing. The approximate measurements are as follows:

Height: 26"
Bust: 40”
Waist: 25”
Hips: 36”


Once you have the Nui Doll stuffed, it’s ready to insert a masturbator. The masturbator hole can fit toys to about 3” in diameter and goes to approximately 9.5” deep. When placing the masturbator on the wrap make sure to line-up the top of the masturbator with the Velcro going across the middle of the wrap. This ensures the masturbator is lined up correctly with the doll. Then, snuggly wrap the masturbator and secure it with the two Velcro straps. Now that the wrap is ready, pull some of the inside of the Nui Doll’s masturbator hole inside-out until you can see some of the Velcro strap inside. Line-up the Velcro of the wrap with the Velcro of the hole and stuff the masturbator inside. You may have to move some filling around to get a good position.


Now that you have the masturbator inside, tighten and wrap the string around the masturbator and tie it securely. Tuck in the string to clean up the look. The Velcro and string helps keep the masturbator from moving around, giving it a secure fit.




Most popular male masturbator toys are compatible with the Nui Doll. We tested it with TOMAX toys such as Lilith and Venus, but it is also compatible with the popular Tenga cups and Fleshlights with the hard, outer case! Note that when using a masturbator with a case, the masturbator wrap is not necessary.


Above photo: Nui Doll with modified Busty Aichan inside.

While it is possible to use a tits toy inside of the Nui Doll, we currently do not have any toys that fit inside without some modification. We tried with both TOMAX tits toys; the Quty Tits and Busty Aichan, but unfortunately Quty Tits were just too small. The Busty Aichan however, with the base cut in half fit with a bit of coercion. It offers a great feel but does make it front and top heavy, so it will not be able to sit up on its own.

Some advanced users have figured out how to make skeletal systems using things such as coat hangers and flexible pipe. While we encourage experimentation, please be aware that this may damage the doll, and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur during use.

Review link --> Review by Masturbator101


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Product Reviews

  1. Great plush doll for a great price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2017

    First off, I want to say that I will be putting tips for making the doll easier to use at the bottom.

    So I was in the market for a specific type of plush doll; something of reasonable quality that is both cheap can be taken apart if need be. This doll satisfies both of those requirements. It's not the best plush sex doll money can buy, but for the price you can't beat it. Especially if you make use of Joann Fabrics coupons to get the plush super cheap. And the doll is even better if you happen to have a boob toy sitting around.

    For stuffing, I know it says 32oz of plush, but that's like a bare minimum. If you want to stuff it nice and firm, you'll need closer to 50.

    The one real complaint I have is how much of a pain it is to get your holes in the hole. It stays in there really nicely once it's in, but getting it in can be such a hassle that you likely won't feel like bothering. This can be solved by using a long, thin piece of plastic (like a plastic folder or a few plastic separators). Cut it up so it wraps around 1/3 to 1/2 of the toy, and insert the toy into the doll with the plastic partially wrapped around the toy and sitting between the vel-cro. When the toy is fully inserted, hold the toy firmly and pull the plastic insert out and viola.

  2. Best thing I ever purchased. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2016

    I bought this a few weeks ago. Arrived within two days. Believe it or not but I have not even used It with an onahole yet. I just use it as is. It's not nearly as stimulating as an onahole obviously but still feels nice to have a body to grip. Make sure the string has a knot in it, mine came out after pulling on it. Not that I need it. Even with the polyfil costs, this is much cheaper than the other plush dolls out there. Also I cuddle with it every night. So its not for masturbation only.

    I hope Tomax makes another one but with full body limbs and all. And front and back holes. I would even be fine if there was no onahole insert. But maybe that's just me.

    And a sidenote, stuffing it with polyfil was kind of fun in itself. Even though I didn't use the onahole, but I did try the onahole insert with my Venus Clone. It is a very tight fit. Had some trouble getting it in. Smaller onaholes should go in much easier.

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