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TOMAX held their second masturbator design contest in Japan where customers entered their own designs for a male masturbator toy, and the winning design idea was to be produced and released. It is finally ready for release as the Romanesco! Submitted by Nabechan, the design inspiration is based on math, specifically Fibonacci numbers and fractals! These numbers have become the basis of many math and art concepts and are directly linked to the concept of the golden ratio and perfect spirals, as well as connects math with nature. It can be found in such things as the shells of snails, the retinas of our eyes, or the formation of islands. Without getting too deep, it asks the question, “Can you make a great feeling masturbator toy using mathematical concepts?” The result is a masturbator with walls lined with what seems like an infinite number of spiny bumps that just wrap around the penis.

Made in Japan.

Includes a packet of lube.


As you can expect from TOMAX it comes in a variety of materials, this time covering the full range: Soft, Regular, Hard, Very Soft, and Rich Soft. All the materials have a great feel, with barely any noticeable oil bleed or smell.

Soft: Soft enough to increase the feeling of being wrapped in the material, but still retains just enough stimulation from the internal structures.

Regular: A great balanced material. Keeps the stimulation of the inner structures, while still having a nice soft wrapped up feel.

Hard: For the most stimulation. You’ll feel every structure, but it has a less rich feeling material.

Very Soft: Softer than soft, it wraps and envelops the penis, but sacrifices stimulation from the internal textures.

Rich Soft: Like Very Soft, but gives the ultimate in the that wrapped up, enveloped feel as the material seemingly sticks to you as you stroke.


We measure the Romanesco being 6.5” in total length, and 2.5” at its widest point.

It weighs 13.2oz on our scale.


On the outside, it has a very simple design, with a smooth outer surface and with just a bit of a bulbous area at the entrance end. With no details of any sexual body parts, any man can enjoy it no matter his sexual orientation!


The inner structures and the name comes from the Romanesco broccoli. You might be wondering what a vegetable has to do with great feeling masturbators, but it’s a shape that was chosen because of its artistic qualities, with many fine, delicate details, as well as a unique, complex spiraling form. A test prototype was awarded to Mr. Nabechan but he found it lacking in stimulation, so TOMAX went back to the drawing board to improve on the original idea. The goal was to make a masturbator with nice feeling stimulation without the artificialness that come with most of them. Finally, after much research, trial and error, and failed experiments, the people at TOMAX were finally able to come to a final design. One that has the great stimulation they were looking for, but still offered a very comfortable, natural feeling sensation.


The main stimulation comes from the large cones lining the walls. But around those cones are tiny little bumps. While such tiny bumps might not be noticeable at first, as you get accustomed to the toy, and as you slowly move it along your shaft, you’ll start to feel the tiny details. As you concentrate on those details, you’ll be driven to climax, giving a unique experience. At the very end are smaller cones that add a bit of stimulation to the head of the penis as you move inside it. And while of course it can be used with a normal piston motion, we also recommend trying it with rotating or twisting motions for a different feel.


The Romanesco’s design is not for a quick and heavy session, but for those who like to appreciate the feel of the material and all the little details of the inner textures. However, the different materials can vastly change how the toy will feel. Soft and any softer materials are what the Romanesco was designed for, giving a rich and unique experience. Regular and Hard will have increased stimulation and can be enjoyed by those who do like strong stimulation. For the soft materials, we recommend using a thin lube such as the Insomnia lube that comes with the masturbator. For harder materials, high viscosity lubes are recommended.


Along with the Dolphin, we think that the Romanesco brings a fresh take on male masturbators, taking further inspiration and appreciation for the natural world outside of what we are familiar with. TOMAX will be holding their 3rd design contest in Japan in the Summer of 2017, so we look forward to see what new and unique designs they continue to release.


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Product Reviews

  1. This Onahole IS The Best Tomax Masturbator! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2018

    I completely agree with HD's review. I purchased the regular firmness and had a wonderfully blissful fapping experience. Positively dreamy sensation and feeling. A very pleasant surprise given that the Romanesco isn't particularly erotic to the eye. But it performs so well.

    I'd like to see Tomax incorporate the Romanesco textures into a new version of its Lilith line of masturbators. That would look sexy and erotic and enhance the Lilith fapping experience.

  2. Surprisingly the best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Aug 2018

    Of all the Tomax products, the Romanesco might sound the least sexy, but it delivers the best experience. I own all the top sellers on this site, yet I find myself always reaching for the Romanesco over the others. The Venus and Lilith models have their merits, but overall the Romanesco is #1.

    The regular firmness is ideal for me and is the one I'd recommend, although the soft version is good if I'm feeling like a longer session. Premature ejaculators especially might prefer soft. Very soft provides so little stimulation that the inside may as well be completely smooth, whereas the hard version feels like sticking my dick into a tube full of rocks. I can't even force myself into the hard one unless I'm fully erect.

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