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Venus Real

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Among many other unique Japanese masturbators, inner texture of Venus Real is something else. No other masturbators have inner texture like Venus Real.

Shape of the tunnel is also unique. It's not simple straight line. First, it goes downward, curves upward, and then curves downward again. Your penis literally has to push through those curves.

The purpose of its very thick wall is to provide pleasurable pressure to your penis without missing a spot. It can't provide super tight feeling because it does not have actual human muscle, but it sure gives you proper amount of pressure.



You will find a subtle, lifelike, never seen before type texture inside of Venus Real. There are no fancy nubs or ribs at all. The texture is undescribable and incredible.

Sensation you get from Venus Real is gentle and smooth. It's not made to provide intense stimulation. Just like a real vagina, level of friction can be adjusted by the amount of lube you apply. After all, it's a toy, and it doesn't get wet by itself.


Super close up photo of inner texture.


When you open up the entrance, you see this view.


Product dimensions: 6.7" long by 4" at the font end, tapering to 3" at the closed back end.
Product weight: 23 oz


Venus masturbation sleeve is available in 3 different levels of firmness. Soft/Regular/Hard.

Soft uses one of the softest material on the market. It is really soft, and color is light pink.
Regular is medium firmness and the most popular one. Color is purple.
Hard offers the maximum stimulation, color is light peach.
Note: All 3 firmness are soft and supple, even the 'hard' firmness is still soft.

As requested by customers, TOMAX created Very Soft version. Picture of it is below. Material color is close to white. Because it is extremely soft, we don't think it's suitable for the first time buyers. If you have never tried any masturbators before, we recommend to try other firmness. We believe this is for people who definitely know they are in love with soft material.


Rich Soft version was added. Rich Soft is even softer than Very Soft version.


Venus Real is a part of Venus male masturbator series made by TOMAX, a Japanese company known to make high quality products such as Succubus and Busty Aichan tits. 100% made in Japan. Tomax is really good at making superior 'skin', and every material they use is either medical or food grade.

Apply a water based lubricant as needed for a slippery, pleasurable ride. Avoid oil or silicone based formulas as they will damage the material. Lube Company's Masturbator lubricant which is water based, uses Japanese recipes and suitable for use with Venus masturbator or any other male masturbation sleeves.

Free of phthalates and latex, and completely non-toxic.

Please clean well after each use with warm water and a mild soap, then dry thoroughly before storing. To keep it from getting sticky during storage, you can lightly powder Venus Real with cornstarch or baby powder.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Decent but I prefer my Lilith Uterus 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2019

    Lilith Uterus in Soft was my first toy and over time has remained one of the softest holes I've purchased to date. I love Tomax's soft material, so since deciding to buy a Venus Real I thought to try a step down and went with the Very Soft. Boy does it live up to the name. I'm glad I didn't go all the way down to Rich Soft, I might not be able to get off at all with that.

    Honestly, Venus Real feels very loose compared to Lilith Uterus and I don't think it's just the difference between Soft and Very Soft material. Lilith Uterus is tighter and its superior suction further contributes to a firm but fully enveloping feeling during use. Venus Real is like banging a cloud in comparison, it has a wider tunnel and no suction. I can't notice the exaggerated G-spot in Very Soft and I barely notice pushing through the curves, I think I would've been happier with a higher firmness. That said, the Big O still subtly sneaks up on me while using it. It's not a total bust.

    Despite the softer material, it's actually more wieldy than my Lilith Uterus. The sheer mass of material keeps it standing upright on the upstroke, it doesn't flop over. The wide tunnel makes it a breeze to clean and dry but it's just tight enough still that it doesn't leak lube everywhere during use. And I can trust that the toy will be very durable over time, as Tomax products generally are. Mine hasn't split at the entrance after my first few initial uses either, as some have reported.

  2. Thank you. I love it. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2019

    Thank you for the super fast shipping. This item arrived in a very discreet packaging. For those who worry about what the shipping packaging would look like, you have nothing to worry about.

    I have used a few masturbators in the past, and those were all made in China and sold as American brand. And all of them had very strong chemical smell. This Venus masturbator has a lot less smell, and upon checking, I was told it's safe to lick because the material used is food grade. I'm sure some of you like to like fake pussies, LOL, so this info should be helpful. I watched the videos above and had to choose between Venus Real and Lilith Uterus, and I finally went for Venus, and I'm happy with it. (But I'm still curious how the Lilith would feel like, so I probably will buy it sometime in the future.) What I like about Venus is, first of all, the material feels very good to the touch. It has some oily feel but that's a good thing. The oil inside the hole makes it more like human vagina. Of course you have to use lubricant in order for your penis to go in but even before applying lubrication, the inside the hole feel like a real vagina. I like sticking in my fingers in vagina, LOL. And when I stick my fingers in the hole, it really does feel like I'm fingering a real vagina. For those who like fingering, this is a good information. As for penetrating my penis in the hole, oh wow, I can't describe how good it feels. It does not have any bumps or ridges like many other masturbators, and there isn't much stimulation but it still feels very good. I completely understand that some people might say they feel like fucking air, meaning there isn't any stimulation. Unfortunately, if you are the type of person who needs stronger stimulation, you should try other masturbators with many bumps and ridges. This Venus masturbator, unfortunately, does work for everyone. I've heard if you masturbate using your own hands and masturbate often require stronger stimulation. Your penis simply get used to strong stimulation, and you simply can't reach orgasm with something less.

  3. Feels very good but expensive 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2019

    I would have giving 5 stars if the price was a bit cheaper. Also it is very important to note that this masturbator is not for everyone. This masturbator provides very weak stimulation. The lining inside the hole is pretty much flat as you can see in the pictures above. You should look for Fleshlight or some other masturbators with many bumps and ridges inside the hole. But this masturbator is the best, hands down, if you like weak stimulation. When you penetrate in the hole, the soft material wraps your penis head which feels, to me, like a real pussy. The length is on the short side but the material stretches so it should work with most guys. By the way, the firmness I bought is 'rich soft' which is the softest material I have ever felt. I have not used it long enough to say whether the material is durable or not but I would not expect it to last too long just because it is super soft. And once it gets worn out, I probably will buy it again. It feels really good and I wish it was a little bit cheaper. The shipping was fast and it was packed in the discreet box.

  4. Interesting concept 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jan 2019

    It is very interesting that you can choose firmness. You can test how firmness affect the performance of the product. So what I did is, as Christmas a gift to myself, I bought 1 hard and 1 rich soft and tested them side by side. OMG, the difference is huge. Texture of the holes are exactly the same but each feels completely different. Hard firmness is obviously hard but it's not rock hard. It definitely is firm but it does not hurt my dick or anything. It makes the hole feel tight. It kind of pushes me out. Yes the sensation is strong and feels good. Now the rich soft, it holly cow feels amazing. The super soft material does not make the hole feel loose. I know you all like tight holes but this soft material is like a soft tongue. Wraps my cock like a blow job. It is hard to describe but it makes me want to use it every night. It makes me want to go home right after work and stick my cock in it. For me, the rich soft works perfectly. But keep in mind, this is my review and you might feel differently.

  5. Venus Real Is Pretty Good, But... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2018

    The regular firmness Lilith Uterus is as good, if not better than, Venus Real. And better still are the regular and soft firmness versions of Lilith Spiral-Wave. And even better still is the regular firmness Romanesco. (I'm waiting for Queen Cat to restock the soft firmness version of Romanesco as I suspect it might be the best onahole of the bunch.)

    Venus Real just doesn't have the sensual feeling and sensation of those other onaholes
    I've listed above, and it's just too big, bulky and beefy for me. And it's not because my Johnson is small. I'm probably about average with about 5 to 5 1/2 inches in girth (circumference).

    Lilith Uterus is the best seller because it's just the right size and is just right in sensation and feeling. And it's a better price value compared to the Venus line of masturbators.

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