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Venus Real

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Among many other unique Japanese masturbators, inner texture of Venus Real is something else. No other masturbators have inner texture like Venus Real.

Shape of the tunnel is also unique. It's not simple straight line. First, it goes downward, curves upward, and then curves downward again. Your penis literally has to push through those curves.

The purpose of its very thick wall is to provide pleasurable pressure to your penis without missing a spot. It can't provide super tight feeling because it does not have actual human muscle, but it sure gives you proper amount of pressure.



You will find a subtle, lifelike, never seen before type texture inside of Venus Real. There are no fancy nubs or ribs at all. The texture is undescribable and incredible.

Sensation you get from Venus Real is gentle and smooth. It's not made to provide intense stimulation. Just like a real vagina, level of friction can be adjusted by the amount of lube you apply. After all, it's a toy, and it doesn't get wet by itself.


Super close up photo of inner texture.


When you open up the entrance, you see this view.


Product dimensions: 6.7" long by 4" at the font end, tapering to 3" at the closed back end.
Product weight: 23 oz


Venus masturbation sleeve is available in 3 different levels of firmness. Soft/Regular/Hard.

Soft uses one of the softest material on the market. It is really soft, and color is light pink.
Regular is medium firmness and the most popular one. Color is purple.
Hard offers the maximum stimulation, color is light peach.
Note: All 3 firmness are soft and supple, even the 'hard' firmness is still soft.

As requested by customers, TOMAX created Very Soft version. Picture of it is below. Material color is close to white. Because it is extremely soft, we don't think it's suitable for the first time buyers. If you have never tried any masturbators before, we recommend to try other firmness. We believe this is for people who definitely know they are in love with soft material.


Rich Soft version was added. Rich Soft is even softer than Very Soft version.


Venus Real is a part of Venus male masturbator series made by TOMAX, a Japanese company known to make high quality products such as Succubus and Busty Aichan tits. 100% made in Japan. Tomax is really good at making superior 'skin', and every material they use is either medical or food grade.

Apply a water based lubricant as needed for a slippery, pleasurable ride. Avoid oil or silicone based formulas as they will damage the material. Lube Company's Masturbator lubricant which is water based, uses Japanese recipes and suitable for use with Venus masturbator or any other male masturbation sleeves.

Free of phthalates and latex, and completely non-toxic.

Please clean well after each use with warm water and a mild soap, then dry thoroughly before storing. To keep it from getting sticky during storage, you can lightly powder Venus Real with cornstarch or baby powder.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Not much stimulation 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Feb 2017

    People talk about building sensation for explosive orgasm, and I sure hoped I would get that because of so many good reviews, but unfortunately I never got the experience. I might have a too small dick for this masturbator. This one is, not too long, but very thick. The wall is much thicker than Fleshlight. Oh the Fleshlight is overated, piece of jxxx anyway. I really am not sure what's the effectiveness of thick wall ... just makes it heavy. Anyways, this one wasn't for me. The quality of the material seems to be very good. By the way, I bought 'regular' firmness. Thought people should know that just because 'most' people says it's good does not mean you will think it's good.

  2. Better than Meiki series 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2017

    The guy in the previous review mentioned bout the Magic Eyes, and I've tried Magic Eyes also, and I've tried many Meiki series as well. I consider myself as pretty experienced in Japanese masturbators. And I can say that this Venus Real is up there with best masturbators. Some Meiki masturbators come with dual layers, and I think the dual layer is a junk design or simply adding another reason to jack up their prices. I love the tunnel design (a single layer) of the Venus Real. Some people say it feels like a real thing but I don't think so. I don't think it feels like real pussies but it feels very good. I like to use it for at least 20 minutes. The longer the session, the stronger the orgasm. That's the feeling you can't get from hands masturbation.

    One thing - I use it after warming up. It is very cold especially winter time. You can use those masturbator warmer device but those are basically junk. It takes forever to warm it up. I just dip the whole thing in warm water for a few minutes, and that works the best and it's the easiest.

    I also think the $50 + shipping is reasonable. ( I paid $45 when it was on Christmas sale.) Meikis are over $70 plus shipping which is way over priced for less quality.

  3. Among the best I've used 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2016

    I've made a few orders over the past few months, the first was mostly magic eyes...not as good as online reviews had led me to expect. Mine seemed to have a defect and to break easily. More research and recently ordered several Tomax of various softness. Whether a larger type like this or their smaller ones the feeling is so much better. The softer have been better, the regular firmness that I bought first doesn't get used since having the three softer types.

    If I were to start over I would buy several of the same type Tomax in different firmness to see which I liked best and go from there.

  4. I like the regular firmness 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2015

    I found about the Venus masturbator on Amazon, bought the Venus in regular firmness on Amazon. Later on I found out about the material Very Soft here on Queen Cat's store so I bought it. It has to be my own personal preference but I like the regular firmness better. Very Soft version is way too soft for me and I feel like I'm fucking air, haha. It's good that they sell different firmness but if you don't know which one works the best for you, you just waste money and also time. So I'm just telling you guys that the Very Soft version is very soft.

  5. Firmness Evaluation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Aug 2015

    For those trying to make sense of the firmness choices: the Very Soft material is softer than the Meiki Maria Ozawa. According to reviewer 'jok' further down, the Soft material is "...almost as soft as Meiki". According to reviewer 'JJ', "the hard softness is the same type used in Toyhearts' safe skin. So based on those statements, you can try to infer the Regular firmness level.

    The texture of the Very Soft is very subtle and, at first, can't even be felt. But after a second or two, one adjusts and will feel it. The material has a cushy, silky/velvety, and encompassing feeling; very natural and relaxing.

    After looking at some other reviews: for those who purchase this, decide they want more stimulation but don't want to throw away 60 bucks, you can try turning the toy inside out and use a scrub sponge or piece of sand paper to roughen up the surface <- that suggestion is courtesy of some Fleshlight forum user experimenting with their sleeve. Unfortunately, I don't have a link for that, just my memory so make of it what you will (or use a a search engine, that should turn up something).

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